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Freddie Mercury (Zanzibar, 5 September 1946. - London, 24 November 1991.) Was a British singer, songwriter and producer.

Freddie was born in the state of Zanzibar, the 1964th becomes part of theAfrican country of Tanzania, under the name Bulsara Farookhi. Tanzania he wasposthumously awarded the prize for the person who is from Tanzania went to the world and has achieved a lot.
Because mother and father, Bomi were originally Iranians who have lived in Indiaand the followers of Zoroaster. Freddie attended English schools in India, where he also took lessons in piano playing. The same school was named Freddie, which his family also adopted. Bomi Freddie's father was an accountant for the British government. When he was 
 in Zanzibar unrest, along with his family moved to Feltham, United Kingdom.

Freddie with his mum :)

In the UK came from 18 years and attended college for art and graphic design,which will be in the career of Queen noted at the album covers, and sometimesthe dressing composition. Freddie was created and the famous logo of the group. In England he met Roger Taylor and Brian May, who along with TimStaffellom played the part of the Smile. Shortly after leaving Staffell composition and in its place comes Freddie. With the arrival of Freddie conception and design groups are significantly changed, and this is Mercury made ​​a new group name. Sometime later, after several unsuccessful bassists, John Deaconcoming, finally in 1970. founded one of the world's most famous composition -Queen.

With an incredible voice range of four octaves, was one of the best vocalists on the music scene then, and is also now considered one of the greatest vocalists in music history. Freddie has had an extraordinary talent for songwriting and melody. At this influenced his experience in various types of music, from Indianto British and American. Its by far the best in the world's most famous song was"Bohemian Rhapsody" from the album A Night at the Opera in 1975. year.Britain also maintained 9 weeks at number one charts. Through further development of his career he wrote many songs that are still very well known andcan still be heard in stadiums or at venues such as "We Are The Champions"(News of the World, 1977.) "Crazy Little Thing called Love "(The Game 1980)."Barcelona "(solo album Barcelona 1988.), the first group a success, KillerQueen (Sheer Heart Attack 1974). and the audience is very popular" Love of MyLife "(A Night At The Opera 1975.), which is dedicated to Mary Austin.

He was always a real SHOWMAN!!

Freddie was cremated, but I was ordered not to reveal where his ashes. Only Mary Austin knows where the ashes are placed. As Freddie liked to stay in Montreux, Switzerland, and there are recorded some of the last songs with his vocals, there is his statue. After the death of his will he left his home in posh Kensington, worth 12 million pounds, his former fiancée Mary Austin.Freddie was bisexual. Although the Mary Austin spent six years after their break remained best friends until his death. At the end of the 70's he began to explore the gay scene, and the most loved staying in New York, Munich and Ibiza. At the beginning of the 80s, changing the image: long hair was cut, and Moustache - making it to this day known. His last was a longtime partner Jim Hutton, who died first January 2010. year. Together they were the 1984./1985.Freddie to death in 1991. year. Before that Freddie was in Munich, known often to be with the Austrian-German actress Barbara Valentin, who in turn claimed that even lived with him and that he was the love of her life. They were very close friends, although according to some biographies claim to be and lovers.Freddie was a big fan of Liza Minelli and Michael Jackson, with whom he recorded the duet "State of Shock" which was never released as a single in the performance of the two, but Mick Jagger later in the studio recorded vocals are identical to those Freddijevim, and the song becomes a megahit. It is interesting that the original songs from Mercury shares, however later released to the public. Freddie was with David Bowie by Queen recorded the song "Under Pressure", although he had never performed live. He collaborated also with Cliff Richard, and numerous other musicians and producers.Freddie was known that he preferred not to give interviews because they often did not trust the press after a few bad experiences. He was very cautious and very kept up their privacy. He also never admitted their sexual orientation, nor did he ever talked about his roots. Freddie was a fan of expensive artwork, and it is often purchased to be donated to your friends and decorate your home. For it is known that he was a hedonist, and that he liked to spend money on big parties. He loved cats, so they had several in his home. His favorite cat Delilah is devoted eponymous song from the album Innuendo. While on stage and in the general public act as a strong, powerful, eccentric, wild and quite samouvjerljiv, in private life was almost the opposite. Many of his close friends have confirmed that he was a quiet, shy, and very affectionate and considerate.Through several interviews and I was admitted to Freddie.1995. Queen announces the composition and the last album Made in Heaven, which featured the last songs that Freddie was able to sing. For the song "Mother Love," Freddie's vocals recorded two weeks before his death, but that for two weeks died, Brian May (guitar) completed the last verse and this was the song "Mother Love".

20th April 1992. The concert was held in memory of Freddie Mercury in London,which are directly transmitted television stations worldwide and is considered to have been gledanija than Live Aid. In concert with the remaining band membersplayed Tony Iommi, Robert Plant, Elton John, Axl Rose, Metallica, Paul Young,George Michael, Extreme, Lisa Stansfield, David Bowie, Liza Minnelli,Zucchero, Annie Lennox, Seal, Def Leppard and many others.
And now, after more than 18 years after his death, Freddie remembered forenergetic style activities, as a strong, extremely charismatic and talentedmusician with exceptional vocal abilities, but on today's music scene has a lot of artists who have his ability. Specifically Freddie is known to have had excellentcommunication with the audience and to the large stadiums. As a performer he was quite animated, and because it was a great entertainer. Proof of this is the recent title, namely, the appearance of Queen at Live Aid concert 1985th was named best rock performance live in the world. Rather, most see that theMercury was able to get the best from the audience and entertain the entire world, while also sound great. Freddie was a great artist and had many gifts,from creating clothing, to drawing, composing, playing and singing.

I really like him, because I'm touched with his life story. Freddie, after so many years you are still in our hearts <3

Cakki :)

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